Product Line-up-E


S series

Compact models made up of the

smallest DDHRS nozzle and

a magnetic drive pump

The smallest models with a compact

nozzle. They are suitable for the treat-

ment of 10 L to 1,000 L of water, using

ambient air and various gases including

oxygen, ozone, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.


All-In-One series

All-in-one models consisted of an

original DDHRS nozzle and

a submersible pump

These models are portable, and can be

installed easily at the various places

where the treatment of water is

required. They are suitable for the

treatment of the water of 300 L to max.

30,000 L in the water tank


N series

1, 3, 5 sets of the original DDHRS nozzle

built in a housing and a pump to carry

the water to the housing

The three models with 1, 3, and 5 sets

of DDHRS nozzles enable to apply eco-

Bubble® for the water treatment of a

wide range of the volume. They are

suitable for aeration of the water at the

waste water treatment facilities and

aquaculture farms such as prawn and

fish. They exhibit an extremely high

performance for aerating the water.