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What is a micro-bubble generator, "eco-Bubble®" ?


Micro-bubble generator "eco-Bubble®-400" is made up of a water pump and a nozzle that creates micro-bubbles with a rotational flow of the water and air taken from the outside. The power consump-
tion of this device is only 400W, but it can produce a large amount of micro-bubbles from the nozzle with DDHRS.
  eco-Bubble®-400 can dissolve oxygen gas in the water quickly through the release of micro-bubbles with a diameter of less than 40 µm, and
exhibit an extremely high potential for controlling DO levels of the water. 

    ECBL-400 series

     A video clip of eco-Bubble®-400 releasing micro-bubbles

    DDHRS(Dual-chamber/Dual-vortex High-speed Rotation System)
     Japanese Pat. no. 4652478, Patents in U.S., China, Korea

eco-Bubble®-400 model list

ModelPower consumption (W)Phase•voltageWeight (kg)Material of motor of the pump

  Size: 35 cm (H) x 25 cm (W)
 Important remarks: For the international order, we provide only the nozzle of eco-
  Bubble®-400. The customers need to purchase a water pump (400W of power
  consumption, 10 m of head of fluid, 50 L/min. of capacity) in their own country.

  • Design and speciations will be modified as the occasion demands.

                Brochure: download

eco-Bubble®-N series

eco-Bubble®-1N, -3N, and -5N are equipped with a single set of DDHRS type of nozzle,
or three or five sets of the nozzles, respectively. This device works by water supply from a small pump (400W for 1N model, 1500W for 3N and 5N model), and enables the release of a large amount of micro-bubble from these nozzles. Their potentials for oxygen gas dissolution to the water is enhanced as the number of nozzle.

        eco-Bubble®-1N  Brochure: download
 eco-Bubble®-1N-s1 eco-Bubble®-1N-3s 

       eco-Bubble®-3N             eco-Bubble®-5N
 画像の説明 画像の説明

      Brochure: download           Brochure: download

(use of the device)

  • These models enable to dissolve water-soluble gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc., very efficiently to a large amount of water. They will exhibit a great performance for controlling DO levels of the water in aquaculture, enhancing oxidation in the process of water treatment, pH control of the water with carbon dioxide gas, etc.

             A video clip of eco-Bubble®-3N
  It is used for controlling DO levels of the water at a shrimp culture pond.

eco-Bubble®-N series model list

ModelNo. of nozzleWeight (kg)Phase•voltage of pump
ECBL-1N*15.0single•100V or 200V, 400W triple•200V or 380V, 400W
ECBL-3N**315.0triple•200V or 380V, 1500W
ECBL-5N**523.0triple•200V or 380V, 1500W

  *Size: 22 cm (H) x 15 cm (Φ), pump is optional.
  **Size: 22 cm (H) x 33 cm (Φ), pump is optional.

Required power of the pump for eco-Bubble®-N series

  • eco-Bubble®-1N
    Power consumption is 400W.
     50Hz: 100 L/min. of capacity and 9.2 m of fluid head; 100 L/min. of capacity and 7.5 m of fluid head; 200 L/min. of capacity and 4.5 m of fluid head. (Example of recommendable product, GSP3-405-C0.4S or -C0.4T manufactured by Kawamoto Pump MFG Co., Ltd.)
     60Hz: 110 L/min. of capacity and 9.5 m of fluid head; 220 L/min. of capacity and 4.2 m of fluid head. (Example of recommendable product, GSP3-406-C0.4S or
    -C0.4T manufactured by Kawamoto Pump MFG Co., Ltd.)
  • eco-Bubble®-3N, -5N
    Power consumption is 1500W.
     50Hz: 160 L/min. of capacity and 17.8 m of fluid head; 400 L/min. of capacity and 10.0 m of fluid head. (Example of recommendable product, GSP4-505CE1.5 manufactured by Kawamoto Pump MFG Co., Ltd.)
     60Hz: 180 L/min. of capacity and 17.2 m of fluid head; 360 L/min. of capacity and 12.0 m of fluid head. (Example of recommendable product, GSP4-506CE1.5 manufactured by Kawamoto Pump MFG Co., Ltd.)

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