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Plant growth is markedly accelerated by more oxygen
Plant primarily produces organic matter on the earth by photosynthesis, which is made up of the following chemical reactions.

  Water + Carbon dioxide + Photo-energy
              → Carbohydrate + Oxygen

This is common knowledge, but here please remind the mechanism of the plant growth. The plant can not build up its body only with carbohydrate. For its growth, it needs to decompose a part of the synthesized carbohydrate with oxygen again to gain chemical energy (ATP), and take in nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) through the roots, using the energy. The nutrient concentrations around the roots are lower than those inside the cells. Therefore, the plant needs to pump up the nutrients to its body tissues.
  However, the plant can carry out photosynthesis only during the daytime. Since it can not produce oxygen by itself during the nighttime, enough energy to work for pumping up the nutrients is not available. So, does the plant sleep due to shortage of energy ? If we are able to provide enough oxygen to the roots of the plant, does the pump for taking in the nutrients work during the nighttime ? We got the answer from the results of the experiments !

If we give the plant the hyper-oxygenated water containing DO of mere than 20 ppm, it enables that the plant takes in oxygen from the roots even during the nighttime, and its growth is markedly accelerated !

This is a new finding that disproves the established theory of agronomy.
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