Event Information

1 February 2024 (Sun.) Seminar at InterAqua 2024 held in Tokyo Big Sight
  10:30〜11:15, East 7 Hall, Stage C 画像の説明
   Seminar Title: Features of DDHRS-based micro-bubble generator (eco-Bubble®) and its use in aquaculture
  and horticultural crop cultivation to dramatically improve production efficiency

31 January (Wed.) to 2 February 2024 (Fri.)10:00〜17:00
  Exhibit at InterAqua 2024 held at Tokyo Big Sight  画像の説明
  We will jointly exhibit at InterAqua 2024 held at East 7 Hall, Tokyo Big Sight with Prefectural University of Kumamoto   and Time Engineering Co., Ltd.