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High potential of eco-Bubble®400 for dissolving O2 gas

eco-Bubble®-400 is a device that can produce a large amount of micro-bubbles.
The following pictures show aeration of the water at an air flow rate of 2 L/min.

eco-Bubble®-400 (left picture)
Micro-bubbles are defined as tiny bubbles with a diameter of less than 40 µm. They have much larger surface area in relation to their volume. Therefore, their buoyancy is extremely low. They float in the water, spreading over a wide area. In the case of air micro-bubbles, oxygen gas contained in the micro/nano-bubbles can dissolve in the water very efficiently.

Conventional bubble (right picture)
Air bubbles released from a conventional diffuser rise up in the water due to their big buoyancy, reaching the surface and exiting the water in a short time. Therefore, the gas in the air-bubbles has few chances to dissolve in the water.


Results of oxygen addition experiments

The water in a tank was aerated with eco-Bubble®-400 or a conventional diffuser. The following figure shows the results of the experiments.

The experimental conditions
Water temperature: 19.7℃, Salinity: 31.0, Air flow rate: 3.5 L/min., Water vol.: 2.5 m3

   画像の説明  画像の説明
     Micro-bubbles released       Bubbles from an air stone
       from eco-Bubble®-400


Aerating with the eco-Bubble®, It took 16 min. for an increase in DO saturation of the water from 20% to 50%, and 73 min. to reach DO saturation. By contrast, with a conventional diffuser, it took 170 min. for an increase of DO saturation from 20% to 50% in the same air flow conditions at 3.5 L/min.
  Aerating the water with micro-bubbles produced by eco-Bubble®-400 makes it possible to dissolve oxygen gas to the water at a rate that is more than 10 times faster than the aeration with the conventional diffuser.

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