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Research information O2-No.3

Research information O2-No.3

No. 3: Comparison of the potential for dissolving oxygen gas into
  the water among eco-Bubble® series     (Feb. 10, 2014)

We have developed the micro/nano-bubble generators with nozzles of DDHRS (Dual-chamber/Dual-vortex High-speed Rotation System), eco-Bubble® series, to realize drastic increase of the potential for dissolving oxygen gas into the water. Now, we deal a handy model, eco-Bubble®400 with a small pump and the single nozzle, and enhanced models of the potential for dissolving oxygen gas (eco-Bubble®-3N with the three nozzles, and eco-Bubble®-5N with the five nozzles) that work with a land pump). The following figure compares the potential for dissolving oxygen gas into the water among these devices.


  The time required to increase DO level of the water between 20% and 100% in a tank with 6.5 m3 of sea water was compared among the three different N series models of eco-Bubble®. The air flow rate of each nozzle was set at 5.6 L/min.
  eco-Bubble®-1N with a single nozzle has about four times larger capacity for increasing DO of the water than that by a conventional diffuser. In the same water conditions that the aeration with eco-Bubble®-1N took about 113 min. to reach 90% DO saturation from 20% DO saturation, the aeration with eco-Bubble®-3N and -5N shorten the time required to reach 90% saturation DO saturation to 37 min. (about 1/3) and 14 min. (about 1/8), respectively.

eco-Bubble®-3N and -5N are usuful for bubbling a large amount of water.

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